The Voice of Waze; Author Steve Pressfield's Take

I’m so used to the frenetic, accusatory voice in my own head that, each time I cruised cluelessly past a destination into a labyrinth of Third World lanes and alleys, I was waiting for the Girl From Waze to screech, “You idiot! I told you to turn right! Now look what you’ve got us into!”

Instead the Girl continued without judgment or condemnation. “In two hundred meters, turn right…then turn right again.” I liked that.

Author Steven Pressfield, shares his view on the Girl From Waze (That wonderful voice that makes sure you follow directions). Highly recommended read. Not because of the Waze mention (although that did peak our interest) but for the way he took a Waze feature, and turned it into an insightful and humorous lesson on self-talk.

Wazers, what does your inner voice, the voice of reason sound like?


  1. Right now my inner voice sounds like "It's spellt 'pique our interest', not 'peak'". Sorry.

  2. Whats nice is you can mute the girls voice if you want. My wife is always trying to tell me where to go and she doesn't have a mute button :(