Waze Comes to Scoble's Rescue

Tech blogger extraordinaire Robert Scoble showed us some love this week on his Google+ and Twitter pages.

It appears Waze saved Scoble from an unpleasant traffic jam (image below) during a trip to Disneyland, navigating him past the mess and straight to the theme-park fun.

Scoble, on his Google+ page , shared:
"Why I love +Waze. On the way to Disneyland it routed me around traffic, showed me where cops were, and was more accurate than Google or Toyota maps as to arrival time. Get it now, for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone."

This isn't the first time Scoble has showered us with some much-appreciated attention. Just last month, our own Di-ann Eisnor showed him our new cheap gas station locator.


Has Waze saved you from any horrendous traffic jams lately? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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  1. When Scoble said "Windows Phone", he actually meant "Windows Mobile" (the 6.x and earlier OS versions), as there is still no Waze for the current 7.x OS version, and probably won't ever be such a version until Windows Phone 8, which should allow C++ native development.