Wazer Wins a VIP Upgrade At Rock The Bells Mountain View!

For the second straight week, Waze was on hand at Rock The Bells to give away one pair of VIP upgrades to one lucky Wazer!
Just like Rock The Bells- San Bernardino, Wazers were encouraged to join the Rock The Bells Group on Waze. From there, the memebers were instructed to find Waze staff at the show!

Wazer erawk9 didn't hesitate. From the get go he was active in the chit chats, looking for clues as to the whereabouts of our team members. It must have been ten minutes into the opening act when we uploaded a decisive picture and clue hinting to our location at the 36 Chambers Stage. Within two minutes, erawk9 pounced on the picture and won the VIP Upgrade!

This weekend, Rock The Bells makes it's way to the east coast! Holmdel, New Jersey will be the third stage for this hip hop festival. Don't forget to join the group and stay tuned for clues on how to win your VIP Upgrade!

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