Avoid Toll Roads, With Help From Your Local Map Editors

In the weeks since we enabled the ability to mark toll roads in the Waze Map Editor, the map editing community has already added more than 50,000 road segments detailing toll roads across the world. As a result, the 'avoid toll roads' feature has already been released in countries such as Australia, Belgium and Canada and will soon be available in many others.

Leading the local efforts to map toll roads are the United States, with 8,500 segments added and Italy, a close number two with 8,400 segments added.

Following the two nations are Spain with 5,500 segments, France with 5,100 and Portugal with 3,200 toll roads recorded.

Once we have 90% coverage of the toll-road data in a specific country - we will enable the 'avoid toll-roads' feature in the app for that specific country.

An upcoming version of Waze will let you both avoid toll roads as well as display in "alternate routes" whether a route will include a toll road or not. Future versions will allow for more customizable preferences for when to take you via a toll road or not.

So far, more than 40,400 miles of toll roads (65,000 kilometers) have been mapped by the Waze map editing community worldwide.

The power of a community app like Waze means its up to our brilliant map editing community to help chart out where these toll roads are: country-by-country, city-by-city, town-by-town.

Below you can see the list where the feature is currently available, with the United States joining the ranks this week.

If your country's not on the list, and you want to be able to avoid toll-roads, do your part and add a toll-road segment on the Waze Map Editor.

Countries With the Avoid Toll Roads Feature

Czech Republic
The Netherlands
United Kingdom
United States

Toll Road Segments Added By Country

United States - 8500
Italy - 8400
Spain - 5410
France - 5100
Portugal - 3120
Japan - 3020
Austria - 1385
Czech Republic - 1155
Slovakia - 1010
Mexico - 1000
Chile - 1000
Hungary - 840
China - 740
Thailand - 645
Malaysia - 500
Philippines - 480
Brazil - 440
Canada - 375
Poland - 230
South Africa - 230
Croatia - 205
Serbia - 125


  1. You keep to not mention Italy between the nations where the function is activated. It was the first one!

  2. So enable it in Bangkok, now!!!