Wazing Our Way To The Whitehouse!

Waze’s very own Mark Edward Campos was on hand at both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. He was in attendance to listen as both parties explained their ideas for economic strategy and recovery.

“Both parties agree that it is vital to stimulate the growth of the small business market,” Mark said.

Startups and entrepreneurship were at the center of almost every economic discussion at the Republican National Convention. The speakers understand that it is these small startups that are providing an opening into the competitive and mostly impenetrable job market.

According to a May 17th article from Bloomberg, young companies like Waze “create more than 60% of new jobs.” Small businesses are the cornerstone of any economic recovery. It is in every local and federal government’s best interest to encourage the growth of young companies.

Startups at first glance do not seem like an ideal fit at either convention. Traditionally, it has been the big corporations that have dominated the political landscape; but with an increased reliance on small businesses for growth, startups have finally made their way into the mainstream conversation.

Stay tuned as we create new ways to show your support!

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  1. The debate tonight should be very interesting. The race is in a dead heat and the country's economic future is at stake. Obama hasn't delivered on most of his promises from 4 years ago -- is it time for a change?