Wazing with Rock The Bells From California to New Jersey

After two consecutive weekends in California, Rock The Bells made its way to Holmdel, New Jersey for Labor Day weekend. As with the previous weekends, we were on hand to shell out a pair of VIP upgrades and some amazing Waze gear to the show attendees.

Wazers were encouraged to join the Rock The Bells NJ group through the app for contest information and clues to our location. Participating in the group paid off big time for Sammy. As soon as she saw the chit-chat bubble appear on the map, Sammy knew she would have no choice but to run across the entire arena for her chance at the VIP upgrade. As you can see from the photo above, things worked out for her and we couldn’t be happier! To date, over 115 people in the New Jersey area have decided to rep the Rock The Bells wazer badge and keep this community of fans growing until next year.

The Rock The Bells festival series is a celebration of the music, art, technology and culture of not only this generation, but those of the past as well. Working with Rock The Bells has been a wonderful experience and we were thrilled to help Wazers get to the shows on time without missing their favorite acts!

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  1. will the transit in New Jersey be open regularly? whats the hours?