What US Cities Really Look Like...on Monday Morning

Fall is in the air. The kids are back in school, the baseball playoff chase is heating up and people everywhere are returning to work after summer vacation.

All over the US, people are getting back into the swing the things. And unfortunately, this includes getting used to the traffic of the morning commute.

It is no secret that Los Angeles has some of the worst traffic in not only the United States, but also the world. But have you ever wondered what that looks like? Thanks to the power of crowdsourcing and Waze, we are able to see what Monday morning  traffic looks like from the perspective of those driving the roads. We pulled anonymous user data and plotted the traffic incidents, accidents and reports from some of the nation's biggest metros. And this is in SUMMER! Imagine how much worse it’s going to get when all the back-to-schoolers and back-to-workers hit the road in full force this month!

Just by having Waze on, Wazers are contributing invaluable data that paints a picture of traffic accidents, reports and hazards. Together, commuters are fighting traffic and making it easier for their peers to get to where they need to go.

After all, saving a few minutes a day will make the transition of getting back to work that much easier.


  1. Awesome info. Please feed us with similar stuff for Europe, no better way to promote Waze over here!

  2. Very cool! Thanks for collecting all the data points and displaying! I know I submit my share of traffic reports in the Philadelphia area :)

  3. This is great! Would you be able to post map for Miami?