Introducing Waze 3.5: Drive there, together!

You may be alone in the car while you team up with fellow Wazers to get the quickest route to where you're going. But so much of the time, you're on your way to meet up with others: Meeting friends at a concert, picking up a coworker for a meeting, or  just driving home to join your family for dinner.

Your everyday experiences of driving together -- that's our inspiration for the latest version of Waze, which we're so excited to launch today.
Check out what's in store:

★  See other friends driving now to your destination.

Connect to Facebook to see who else is headed where you are, along with each person's arrival time.

When you arrive, get the status on who's inside, and who's still on the way. Even drop a parking pin to share your parking spot with friends.

★  Share your drive, live!

Keep anyone in the loop about where you are, and when you'll be there. Send a link to a live map of your location, route and ETA, that updates in real time.

They'll follow your drive, get updated if you hit any changes, and watch as you arrive.

Pick up anyone, without their address.

You don't need to know where they are, and they don't either! Send a pick up request by text or email to instantly grab a friend's location, and navigate there with one tap.

They’ll get a live map to track your route and ETA, so they'll know exactly when to put on their jacket and meet you in the driveway. It all works even if they don’t have Waze!

There's lots more ways to drive together, wherever you're going.

You're always in control of who can see you on Waze. Having a bad hair day? Hide completely by going invisible, anytime.

Tons of other features you'll love.

We've packed this one with lots of other features, improvements, and design changes, that make using Waze even more fun. Here's the highlights:

✭ Now sign in with Facebook

✭ Support for iOS6 and iPhone 5

✭ Gorgeous new design throughout! New maps, new moods, new menus and interfaces.

✭ Save and share your parking location

✭ Useful links as you near your destination

✭ Send private messages

✭ See toll road usage indications on routes

See what's new in version 3.5
Excited yet? Good. Upgrade now to Waze 3.5:

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