Live from the Space Shuttle Endeavour

Well, we won't get to be on the shuttle itself, but Waze will be playing a vital role in aiding the traffic-addled citizens of Los Angeles this weekend as the Space Shuttle Endeavour is transported from LAX to Exposition Park.

L.A. residents are bound to expect delays as the space shuttle is transported at 2 miles per hour, causing traffic challenges, road closures and lots of fun for onlookers. With help from the California Science Center, Waze will display the shuttle’s location on its map as it moves, and automatically route drivers away from any traffic.

The Endeavour will be moved today and tomorrow (October 12-13) in a 12-mile two-day journey across the cities of Inglewood and Los Angeles. One of the biggest objects ever transported down city streets, Endeavour is five stories tall (58 feet high at the tip of the tail), has a wingspan of 78 feet and weighs 170,000 pounds.

Do you know anyone in the L.A. area that will be affected by the space shuttle move?

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