User-Generated Gas Prices Come to Netherlands and Belgium

Drivers in two new countries can now enjoy the money-saving benefits of crowdsourcing today, with the release of our gas price feature in the Netherlands and Belgium.

We were able to launch the feature in these countries once the majority of its gas stations were mapped out by the map editing community. The countries' launched with 1,100 gas stations in Belgium and 2,000 gas stations in the Netherlands, respectively.

It's no secret that drivers worldwide are struggling with the rising cost of gas. With this launch, drivers in these countries will now be able to see real-time gas prices on or along their route.

Countries to have the fuel price feature launched include Italy, the United KingdomSpainLatviaBrazil and the United States.

We hope to launch real-time gas prices features next in Sweden, France, Germany, Slovakia, Finland, Lithuania, Hungary, New Zealand, Cyprus and Russia.

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