Waze Stops By San Francisco to Participate in City-Wide Planning Initiatives.

Our cities are in a state of major change. We have bridges that tweet, connected cars and sensors embedded in everything. Waze is excited about the data we can collect from cities. We look forward to using it to ease congestion, save people money, save people time and of course reduce CO2 going into the environment from people stuck in standstill traffic.

Waze's Data Viz is participating in two important cities initiatives in San Francisco  intended to make city-living better.

Waze is a proud (modest) sponsor of The Hattery's reroute/sf hackathon. It's aim is to improve transportation in San Fancisco with a bit of help from technology. Waze and other memebers of the tech community are joining together to host a weekend of innovation in an effort to make San Francisco a better city. Hackers will work side by side with designers to create innovative tools to improve said transportation. Furthermore, the hackathon winner will receive a $500 Clipper Card Credit pass courtesy of Waze. Other prizes include $7500 for best use of the Google Maps API. Waze will be working with the city to incentivize Wazers for helping fight traffic using fancy traffic planning models and our amazing data and community. The festival will run from  October 19th through Sunday, October 21st.

Also going on this weekend in San Francisco is the Gray Area Foundation For The Art's Urban Prototyping Festival.  The UP Festival will foster a wide array of new projects to explore new possibilities in the urban realm.  Waze has long been a supporter of GAFFTA, with our own Di-Ann Eisnor serving on the board. You can find us here, listed as #21. Stob by and say hi as the festival will run from 12-10pm today. The festival is free for all ages and features talks and expositions by thought leaders as well as performances from talented musical acts.

When you have smart, talented individuals working on a real world issue or problem, magic happens. We're excited to see what the Bay Area's ambitious community conjures up this weekend.

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