3 Useful Apps For Your Daily Driving

Did you know that third party apps can integrate Waze into their mobile experience? We've scoped out 3 apps that could be a helpful addition to your daily routine, from finding restaurants to locating local businesses to ride-sharing.

Ness Dining Guide, an app that offers users personalized recommendations on restaurants and other spots, recently incorporated Waze into their latest release.

The app recommends to users a host of options - from bars to nightlife scenes, to where they should vacation next. Now any of Ness's users can get directions to their preffered restuarents with a simple "tap" — using Waze!

Localscope is a "location browser" for your iPhone that helps you find great local businesses. The app aims to be "a window to your world," that allows you to discover places, people and information around you using geo-tagged data from multiple local search engines, social networks, and other apps. Once you choose your location on Localscope, you can navigate there using Waze.

Other cool apps featuring Waze functionality include SideCar, a new ride-sharing service that turns private cars into taxis. A whole new approach to carpooling, SideCar is an app people can use to find nearby drivers who have signed up to provide rides through the service. Drivers can then navigate to their desired location using Waze.

Have a creative idea on how to use Waze in your app? Any and all developers are invited to access the Waze map with these instructions on our website.

Have you seen Waze integrated anywhere cool recently? Let us know!

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