5 Waze to Take the Headache out of the Holidays

Hey Wazers-

You know what time it is...Food, Family, and Friday (black Friday that is). Those are all wonderful reasons to travel home, but also reasons you need to make sure you use the right tool to make sure you get the most out of the holidays! Here's a list of waze we're going to help take the headache out of the holidays:

1. Family road tripping- Leave plenty of extra time for travel, and make sure to use Waze to avoid traffic getting home. Your family will thank you! Let them follow your route and ETA so they don't worry.

2. Hoping to beat the Black Friday retail rush? Use Waze to make sure you don't miss the on local shopping center specials because you got stuck on the freeway. Outsmart other shoppers buy finding alternate routes if they exist.

3. Need that last minute turkey? Make sure to use Waze too check the traffic around your local specialty foods store- nobody likes cold turkey. See how many others have checked-in with Waze Local Search featuring Yelp, FourSquare, Bing and more!

4. Hosting a party? Follow your Facebook friends to know when they'll arrive so you know when to set the table.

5. Save money by making sure to check out Waze retailers. Take it a step further and retailer yourself! Go to http://biz.waze.com to figure out how to offer wazers the best deals on last minute supplies!

Have a good one, on us!

Sincerely, TeamWaze

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