Community Built Add-ons and Extensions for Map Editing

We've told you all about the latest version of our map editor, now we want to open your eyes to some useful map editing tools.

When looking for the best tools to enhance map editing, look no further than the resources developed by members of the Waze map editing community itself. The resourceful bunch have coded and patched a crop of add-ons that make map editing on the world map editor a far more seamless experience.
Just last month, US-based editor mike-bronner released a Safari extension, a web toolbar, for the Waze map editor. The toolbar optimizes map editing by allowing editors to add segments, make edits, zoom, logout and as well as make other modifications to the map.

It also incorporates a tool developed by UK editor timbones (WME Color Highlights), which allows users to adds colors to road segments to show their status, and to landmarks to show their type. Highlighting segments can be useful to map editors aiming to see locked and un-named roads. (Forum)

By increasing the ease of map editing, these add-ons, and others, are making editing a quicker and more enjoyable activity.

Other community plugins, extensions and tools include:

The simplified “original” tool for map-editing, this extension provides a table documenting the country, state, city and street names present in each screen you edit.

Street to River, a script designed to hep to easily create river and railroad landmarks in the WME. If you're using Firefox, you'll need the Greasemonkey add-on. (Forum)

The Livemap Navigation addon, which allows for a a list of navigation instructions to be shown on the left-hand side while searching for directions via the Waze Livemap. This is particularly useful in helping editors debug routes, although it is useful to drivers as well. It also requires the Greasemonkey add-on for Firefox users. (Forum)

Are there any other add-ons you use, or would like to see developed, while map editing?

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