Goodbye 'Cartouche,' Hello Sleek New Map Editor

It's a new dawn for the Waze map editing community! For our veteran map editors, yesterday marked the retirement of the original Waze map editor, affectionately known as the “Cartouche.” In its place is a newly unveiled version of Waze's World Map Editor (WME), with tons of new exciting updates bound to please our map editors and attract new editors alike.

Even while in beta mode, the Waze Map Editor has proven more a popular tool for attracting new map editors and solving map problems. In the United States, for example:

  • The map editing community has resolved an astonishing 35,000 of the 37,000 map problems detected by our system during the last 30 days. (Learn how our system automatically detects map problems here.)

As we disclosed last month, the number of edits and new editors is rising as well:

  • The United States saw a 36% rise in map edits performed on the new world map editor from September to October.

  • The rate of new editors signing up rose by 28% in the United States month-over-month.

We hope our official new version will keep up this trend.

Changes in the newly unveiled WME include, but are not limited, to:

Play Mode. Encourage your friends to try out map editing if they haven't because we've made it easier than ever to jump in! With the new "play mode" function, editors can try out fun editing tasks such as adding a road, gas station, landmark and more, without saving their changes.

A new design featuring a full-screen layout. Optimized for all screen sizes, now you can edit without any distractions.

A sleeker, more minimally-designed left side column. With a decreased font size and a cleaner look, making each individual edit becomes a far more seamless experience.

The ability to edit alternate street names and house number editing. Functions such as these, and several others, were previously only available on the "Cartouche."

Faster, smoother editing across web browsers, already noted by users on our forum.

. . . and even more!

Before we say our tearful goodbye to the original map editor, let's thank our community of stellar beta testers who made this awesome version release of the new and improved map editor a reality! Thanks guys!

So, what do you think about the new map editor?

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