Introducing Waze Ads: Bringing You the Most Relevant Local Merchantsand Big Brand Stores Along Your Route

Waze is all about giving you a snapshot of the road at any given moment. We want you to be able to see all the activities going on around you or along your route — from traffic, hazards, and closures, to finding the best gas deals. Today, we’re introducing a new way for you to discover local businesses and special offers on your route as well.

Starting today, we're giving businesses the ability to add themselves to the Waze map with the launch of our location-guided advertising platform. By giving businesses the chance to feature their locations and nearby offers, we're hoping you'll be able to spot some hidden gems on your daily route that you didn't even know existed.

Merchants that advertise with Waze will appear alongside the existing businesses you see in your search results ordinarily, except that businesses can now pay to promote themselves in our results.

We don't want to bombard you, so you'll never see too many businesses crowded on the map at once. Instead, the algorithm that powers Waze Ads aims to bring you helpful selection of the various retailers around you on your daily drive. We've designed the system to fit into your daily driving experience seamlessly, so that the businesses you see can be useful while you take care of your errands or shopping needs.

We're launching this today with nationwide brands and local businesses, including: Dunkin' Donuts, Circle K MACS, Kum & Go, Wyndham Hotels, Jamba Juice, and P&G.

If you're a business owner who would like to reach our community of 30 million drivers, then please come on in! Our self-serve platform allows small businesses to set, change, and measure their campaigns through

Last, but not least, to celebrate the launch, Waze is offering advertisers, brands, and vendors a $50 free trial on our new platform during the month of November.

We're looking forward to hearing what you think!


  1. I absolutely hate these ads. Taco bell pops up everywhere I drive, distracting me from following my route. I got sick at Taco Bell several times years ago, and will never eat there again. You guys really have to do better than this. Offer a paid version of waze that disables ads, or at least a way to stop them from popping up in your face when you are trying to navigate. For shame, Waze. You have ruined your own application for me and many others.

  2. PLEASE allow people to opt out of these ads. They're beyond annoying. I'd pay $10+ for an ad-free version.

  3. I'll pay $10 to get rid of ads too. I'm not going to click any of them so if you think you'll make more offs the ads than $10, you won't from me. I just don't click ads and end up paying for things I support which is this app...I can't eat taco bell three times a day!

    Love your app though!

  4. This is astoundingly annoying. I joined only a month ago and loved it. Then after the most recent update, there were these ads that just came out of nowhere. Looked for a paid version to opt out but couldn't find one. Why in the world would you do this to your loyal users? Hopefully Google will do something about this...