UPDATE: East Coast Fuel Shortages

Earlier today we posted about the fuel situation in New Jersey. The shortages and loss of power left residents with no fuel or no access to fuel. In many instances, residents have had to wait hours in line for gas.

We commented on how Wazers in New Jersey are able to leave Chit-Chat messages informing nearby Wazers of fuel levels, fuel prices and wait time. We hope that by working together as a community, we can alleviate the fuel strain and continue the recovery.

We understand that several other areas are experiencing fuel shortages as well. We have received incoming tweets and messages from residents in Brooklyn, Staten Island, Long Island, The Bronx, Queens and other cities experiencing a shortage of fuel.

As you know, we've been working off of data given to us by The White House/ FEMA. We are all working hard to help as best we can. To other Wazers on the East Coast, how is the fuel situation in your city/town?

We can promise you that we’re working to provide information and support to the cities affected by the fuel shortage. But we need your help. The strength of Waze has always been the social and communal bond between Wazers. Now more than ever, we need to come together and help one another on the east coast.

We remind you, if you know of stations with fuel please leave a Chit-Chat message for nearby Wazers to see.

As always, our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the east coast.

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