UPDATE: Real-Time Gas Prices in 8 More Countries

UPDATE: The real-time gas price feature is also available for Wazers in France, Slovakia and Sweden.

Great news for Wazers across Europe and New Zealand!

Drivers in 8 more countries can now navigate to cheaper gas prices. The gas station feature, which enables drivers to navigate to cheap gas prices, is now available in Hungary, Germany Lithuania, Russia, Finland, New Zealand, Estonia and Cyprus.

With this feature, drivers in these countries will now be able to update each other on the latest gas prices at various stations on or along their route. When the whole community gets involved, drivers should be able to quickly locate the most inexpensive gas stations and save a bit of money to offset the rising cost of fuel.

We know that high gas prices affect many of you each day — and hopefully the addition of this feature should help.

Countries that have already launched the gas station feature include Italy, the United KingdomSpainLatviaBrazil, the United States, Belgium and the Netherlands.

The launch of this feature has been entirely dependent on crowdsourced information by the map editing community. Currently, more than 130,000 gas stations have been added to the Waze map by map editors, making the release of the feature available in more and more countries worldwide.

Remember — to keep prices updated while on the road, all you need to do is hit "report" and then "gas prices" each time you enter a gas station to verify that prices are accurate. Do your part and help the community beat the high costs of gas.

Are high gas prices a problem in your region?

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