NEW DATA: Map Editors Fix Map Problems Nearly As Fast As They'reReported

We've always been quick to point out that Waze maps offer the most updated and real-time depiction of what's happening out on the roads. The latest numbers on our map editing community prove this, while shedding light on just how quickly the resourceful group is solving map problems!

In fact, we've discovered that the community is so quick at resolving user-reported map problems that the majority of newly opened problems are resolved within one week!

We've taken a look at the number of map problems reported over the last 30 days and how our worldwide map editing community has handled them:

  • They've solved nearly 70% of system-detected map problems and 100% of all user-reported map problems!

(graphs showing over 100% solve-rates indicate our map editors are solving all of this month's problems, plus backlogged map problems as well)

  • In the United States, home to our largest community of map editors, 97% of system problems and 100% of user problems were resolved.

  • The trend continues in Europe, where two major map editing communities, Italy and France, are resolving system-detected problems at slightly lower rates of 85% and 90%, but are similarly closing out 100% of all user-detected problems.

  • South America's largest communities, Brazil (chart below) and Chile, also lag in system-detected problems, with 65% and 38% of those problems resolved, respectively. But they make up for it in their swift solving of user-reported problems, with Brazil solving 97% of all problems, and Chile solving 100% respectively.

This data shows just how astonishingly fast the community is working, and thanks to them, Waze maps are more 'real-time' than ever. If you report a map problem, chances are it'll be resolved within a week or two. Our data shows that 64% of all user reported map problems are solved within one week, another 9% within two weeks, 5% within three, 4% within four weeks and 18.5% are solved after one month.

Feeling inspired? Check out our new and improved map editor and watch this clip for a refresher on how to edit map problems.

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