User Stories: "Waze Saved Our Lives!"

The phrase “you're a lifesaver” is one we've humbly grown accustomed to hearing whenever a driver tells us how Waze saved them 5 or 10 minutes on their daily commute. But we never thought to take it literally — until now.

Earlier this week, a young mom from Michigan and her family were driving on the I-75 just south of Flint when a user-report alerted her of a car pulled over on the side of the road. The car, situated just at the highway's split with US23, had missed its exit to the 23 and, unexpectedly, drove back across two lanes, in the middle of traffic, in order to get back to the exit it missed.

Driving at 75 miles per hour, the Wazer attempted to avoid the car by switching lanes, to no luck. Finally, they braced themselves and hit the brakes — hard.

“Your app and my fellow app users just saved my life!” Theresa R posted on our Facebook page. “My cousin is luckily a trained military truck driver [and] she just saved my life, my daughter's life, and my husband's life all because of this app!”

That story gives us the chills. Do any of you Wazers have any similar, perhaps less dramatic, experiences to share?

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  1. That FB link seems dead. More importantly, Waze's involvement seems a bit exaggerated? It's a bit of a reach from a "car stopped on shoulder" alert to avoiding a frontal collision. The way I read it, the life-saving element was the wits and skills of the driver -- kudos to her!