Real-Time Gas Prices Launch in Czech Republic, Norway and Panama

We're happy to share that Wazers in the Czech Republic, Norway and Panama can kick off the new year by saving some money at pump. Drivers in these 3 countries are the latest to enjoy Waze's real-time gas prices feature.

Waze's real-time gas price feature is 100% crowdsourced. This latest launch is credited to the fastidious work of the Czech, Norway and Panama map editing communities, which mapped out the majority of their countries' gas stations in the Waze map editor.

With this feature, drivers in these countries can update one another on the latest gas prices at various gas stations on or along their route.

Update gas prices each time you drive and the entire Waze community will benefit, making it easier for drivers to quickly locate the most inexpensive gas stations.

We know first hand just how negative the effect of high gas prices has had on your lives. In October, a poll we ran in Italy revealed that 70% of Italian commuters in Milan, Rome and Naples have adjusted their daily driving habits to cope with increasing fuel costs.

The real-time gas price feature is active in more than 20 countries, including the United States, Spain, and New Zealand and more. In order for us to enable our real-time gas price feature in more countries, the map editing community needs to add up to 70% of a country’s total gas stations to the Waze map. Currently, the map editing community has added an astounding 170,000 gas stations to the Waze map, worldwide!

To update gas prices — just click on the Report button and choose Gas Prices whenever you're at or near a gas station.

Do you rely on Waze's real-time gas prices?

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