Introducing Waze 3.6 — Prepare for the Unexpected!

At any given moment, roads are unexpectedly closed due to accidents, floods, or construction hazards — causing countless delays and unnecessary traffic.

We're very excited to announce that as of today, Wazers now have the ability to report and close roads on the map in real-time!

Enter Waze 3.6, introducing the first real-time crowdsourced solution to helping drivers navigate around road closures and get where they need to be.

With this exciting new update, drivers can now overcome any unforeseen events on the road ahead, big or small.

So, How Does It Work?

It's easy. Upon encountering a road closure, just tap the closure icon in the report screen. Choose the type of closure (hazard, construction, or 'event') and mark how long you anticipate it'll last. For extended closures, the map editing community will close the roads via the Waze map editor.

Once a road closure is properly reported, Waze will close off the road and route others around it.

Smart systems are also in place to ensure accuracy and predict reality. Waze will only close down a road once its algorithm has enough evidence to discount the possibility of error. Alternatively, once Waze detects cars driving on a closed off street, it will automatically return the road to its normal status and routing will resume as normal.

With nearly 40 million drivers and a robust map editing community, we're excited to see Wazers worldwide  joining together to make roads safer and more navigable, by making sure our maps reflect where short-term and long-term road closures are taking place — in real-time!

And That's Not All

Today's update also offers sleek new graphic overlays and map views, a newly customised message inbox with multiple message selection and last but not least . . . NEW MOODS!

Take a moment to update to Waze 3.6 on iPhone and Android — and please tell us what you think!

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  1. Isso é muito interessante!! sempre estou usando. Aqui em Vitória, a prefeitura sempre fecham as ruas no final de semana para virar rua de lazer.