Motor Trend Magazine & Waze Get Trendy

Hey Wazers-

Exciting news! You may have seen Waze being used by your local traffic reporter on the news everyday, but those reports can only seen by those of you who watch TV. Time for a change of channel, eh? We're proud to announce our FIRST magazine partner! That means you'll be seeing Waze trends and reports in print in Motor Tend Magazine! Take a sneak peak at at our inaugural visit in April's edition below. You can even join the Motor Trend group in the app to stay up to date on future contests and games. Just hit My Waze -> Groups -> search for Motor can't miss it.

Yep, for all you car aficionados out there, it's time we showed you some love too ;)

The best way to keep up on Waze in Motor Trend is to like Motor Trend Magazine on Facebook or follow @MotorTrend on Twitter. You Keep an eye out for any future contests or games from the two of us there too.

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