Map Updates Now Daily -- Worldwide!


Pop Quiz: Did you know that every time you make a map edit in the Waze map editor your edit will appear LIVE in the app within 24 to 48 hours?

If you answered no, that's okay. This is a relatively new development that we're excited to share with you guys.

In January, we announced that new and existing map editors in the United States can fix up any map issues on the map editor and see their routes improve right away in the app. Now, this rings true for map editors worldwide! 

A survey we ran in October revealed that more than 77% of new map editors sign up after encountering a map problem where they drive regularly.

Today, anyone can log on and correct any local map problems, and see how their contribution improves driving routes within days. This is a vast improvement over previous turnaround for update time, when map edits took months, and later weeks, to update.

Try your hand at map editing next time you see a road needs fixing, a parking lot needs marking or a gas station needs adding — and see your work benefit all the Wazers around you within days!


  1. I love your product! I heard that facebook is trying to buy the company out, I hope you will consider rejecting facebook's attempts to ruin what your company so hard to create. I will no longer use waze if it is bought by Facebook.

    Thanks for listening