By the Numbers: Road Trips Up, Road Hazards Decline this MemorialWeekend

In the United States Memorial Day (Monday) and the previous weekend is one of the heaviest days of the year to hit the road. Waze just released our analysis of 2013 Memorial Weekend road conditions and here's what we found:

  • Weekend getaways and day trips are tops: Number of cars on road increased 7.5% with a high of 12% on Sunday

  • Saturday was made for the long haul: Wazers made their longest drives (by distance) on Saturday, at an average of 15-20% longer in both distance and time spent in car than a non-holiday weekend

  • No significant increase in accidents or road hazards reported nationwide, despite the increase in cars on the road

  • A special shoutout to the state of Florida, who had the most new Wazers download and drive over the weekend! Thanks for helping everyone get around!!

We also saw the highest number of police on Friday, May 24 than on any day in recent history.... You can find more interesting info in our press release.

Those of you who enjoyed the long weekend - where'd you go and what did you do? Did Waze save the day? We'd love to hear your stories in the comments.


  1. I am a recent Media Management graduate from The New School in New York. I wanted to see if you are looking for helping hands as an intern/entry level. I like to be of help. Can I send you my resume?


    Nima Moinpour

  2. I love seeing the stats its interesting to see traffic trends like this. With Waze being a free app you obviously sell this statistical information on as a means of making money. Who are your clients for this data can you share names or give an idea as to how all of this data mining goes to good use?

    Thanks and congrats on the new release!