How to Beat Epic Traffic Caused by Summer Events

With summer on our doorstep, there are bound to be lots of events happening in cities across the globe. Unfortunately, with these events usually comes epic traffic that tends to affect the whole city. Luckily the Waze community knows a thing or two about fighting epic traffic like the time we fought carmageddon in 2011 (and won). So, to help drivers avoid the traffic jams that these events tend to cause, we're unveiling a new website that is bound to become a driver's survival kit.

Annnnd we're starting off big with the Tour de France.

Tour de France
For the event, we're going to prepare drivers for road closures as well as provide live, real­time information on traffic conditions.

Of course, in the spirit of Waze, crowdsourcing and community, all map updates, road closures, and preparation for the project will be contributed by our amazing French community, lead by Waze Champ Marc Turpin who brought the idea to our attention.

We are very excited about this initiative and are looking forward to rolling it out in other countries soon.

So how about you Wazers out there? Any events near you that will surely cause traffic chaos in your city this summer? Help your fellow Wazers by letting us know here

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