Waze Map Editors Help Drivers Get Around Collapsed Bridge and Damagefrom Oklahoma Tornadoes

Maps can change in an instant. Unpredictable events such as road closures, oil spills and even natural disasters can seriously affect the roads causing drivers confusion, delays and frustration.

Luckily, Waze has a bustling community of drivers and map editors who keep the Waze map updated to reflect real-time road conditions.

Just last month, we saw two examples of how Waze's map editing community acted quickly to help drivers get around messy conditions due to a collapsed bridge in Washington State and the Tornadoes which struck in Oklahoma.

The I-5 bridge collapses

On May 23, at 7:00pm PDT, an entire section of the heavily travelled I-5 bridge collapsed into the Skagit River in Washington State, about 60 miles north of Seattle. As it turns out, there happened to be a Wazer nearby who promptly reported the incident. Within minutes, veteran Waze map editor and country manager Alan Akins received the alert and quickly went to work.

Before the day was done, the Waze map had been updated and Wazers were being routed around the collapsed bridge. The I-5 Bridge is scheduled to re-open again sometime in mid-June. We're confident that Alan will be ready to update the Waze map when it does.

Tornadoes in Oklahoma

Last month also saw devastating tornadoes strike Oklahoma. In response, veteran map editor and country manager Jared Peacock began updating the map in a very clever way.

First, he manipulated the unsafe roads on the Waze map editor so that people driving through the city would be routed around them, but also so that first responders and people living in the area could be routed on the perilous roads.

In addition, he set up landmarks on the map demarcating dangerous areas where he warned drivers to exercise caution.


In Jared's words: "I did not want to disconnect or delete roads because I felt people would still need them for navigation and orientation purposes.  The damage was so severe in areas that it looked like empty fields where neighborhoods once were so people needed a sense of direction through the map."

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank and acknowledge Alan and Jared for their extraordinary work in making the roads a little safer and easier to navigate during times of crisis.


  1. How did Jared do what he did? I didn't know you could do something like that in the Waze Map editor.

  2. Even though the weather disasters aren't that bad (yet?) here in Florida, I couldn't be happier to be a Wazer during these trying times of driving. Using Waze has helped me avoid all the bad traffic zones and bad weather zones so I could get home safely. My family may doubt my faith in Waze navigation but I never will. Waze has never steered me wrong before and I highly doubt it ever will :)

  3. Just another reason why a service like Waze is simply irreplaceable! Thank you for your amazing efforts!

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