City of Austin Works With Waze in Wake of Aggressive Flooding

Last weekend the city of Austin, Texas, was ravaged by flash floods. On Sept 20th we worked closely with the city of Austin to mark road closures within Waze, keeping citizens safe and routing them around the most dangerous conditions. 
Many drivers believe their cars or SUVs will win any battle against rough weather, and assume driving in a thunderstorm is less dangerous than snow. Here's a glimpse* at how deadly flash flooding can be:  -About 75% of flood fatalities occur in vehicles -Since 1960, 54 people have died in flash floods in Travis County (where Austin is located) -Texas leads the nation in flood-related deaths 
(* Credit - Austin Flood Safety site)
At night, during heavy storms, it may be difficult to see that a road is flooded. Accidents occur when individuals drive through flooded areas and the currents carry them off the road, or when a car's electrical interface shorts out due to rising water.
The outcome: Working together, Waze and the city of Austin ensured the Waze map was updated accordingly; Austin Wazers were alerted to closures of six major streets in real time. The app then navigated around area pain points, and the city of Austin was able to protect its citizens.
We always hope to work with cities around the world under more positive circumstances, but when a natural disaster strikes, our community can be confident we'll be there to help.

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  1. Just forwarded this to my colleague who lives in Austin -- and told him to start using Waze!