Dance Fans Flock to Zurich – Waze Hits the Road

In recent months Waze has partnered with local map editors, communities and even government traffic organizations to help citizens avoid congestion due to major planned events. (A quick recap of the past few months: in France we helped Wazers avoid massive traffic due to the Tour de France, then we hit Brazil and updated drivers about significant road closures due to World Youth Day.)
Switzerland, here we come! Beginning August 10, Waze is on deck to help Swiss drivers navigate around the Zurich Street Parade, an enormous festival that draws dance music enthusiasts from every continent. While there’s no better feeling than dancing in the streets, if last year is any indication, these street beats also bring huge traffic jams.
Thanks to our thriving local community, led by Swiss Waze user Arguscronos, citizens can visit (or for English, to see a map of Zurich’s most significant road closures for the week. Drivers, don’t forget to stick to the Waze app for all traffic conditions and updates in real time.
Have you heard of any other big summer events that are sure to affect traffic in your city? Let us know here and we may be able to help!

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