Waze and City of Rio de Janeiro Partner to Help Local Drivers During World Youth Day & Future Events

In a nice example of mobile technology enabling efficiency, Waze has partnered with the Operations Center of the City of Rio de Janeiro (COR) to keep drivers moving and to alert citizens to major road closures during significant events like World Youth Day, happening next week.
The COR employs 56 traffic operators who review reports from about 900 cameras and various field teams. We’re working closely together to compile road closures, accident reports and traffic data provided both by COR and the local Waze community. In turn, we’ll be able to deliver the fastest routes as conditions change and keep both drivers and pedestrians out of the nastiest snarls.
Alleviating traffic congestion is an ongoing priority for the City of Rio, as a favorite annual destination for millions of tourists, business operations and major events like the 2014 World Cup. Folks traveling by bike, car or foot can benefit from this relationship – beginning Monday, July 22 through July 28, citizens can visit http://events.waze.com to see a map of Rio’s most significant road closures for the week. (Drivers, don’t forget to stick to the Waze app for all traffic conditions and updates in real time.)
We commend Rio’s forward-thinking government as they leverage mobile technology and the power of the Waze community to reduce congestion. Safe driving, everyone!

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