Waze Brings Google Search and Street View to the Community

The entire Waze family has been hard at work since joining Google, collaborating with the Google Maps team to explore best practices and make drivers’ lives easier. One of our top priorities is identifying familiar and helpful Google services that can significantly improve the experiences of both users and editors. Today, both Waze and Google have a few features to debut.
First, if you’ve updated the app recently, you may have noticed we’ve incorporated the power of Google Search to the mix. Google Search joins a host of other search providers featured on Waze, from Foursquare to Yelp, making it easy to find favorite businesses, home addresses and more. We have something new for our map editors, too – the Waze Map Editor will now include Google Maps Street View and satellite imagery as tools to make it easier to correct map errors reported by the community.
Sometimes Wazers provide such detailed feedback when they encounter a navigation issue that we can practically resolve it blindfolded:
  • “Rte 92 is one-way street, does not intersect with 46″
  • “Road is under construction”
  • “Address should be 1010, not 1111″
Sometimes we aren’t given much feedback:
  • “Wrong way”
  • “Bad”
  • “No”
At times like these, more visual tools like Street View and aerial imagery will be invaluable to not only fix the problem, but identify what the issue was in the first place ;) It can also help to fill in house numbers, street names, turn restrictions and other missing data. ((Haven’t tried editing yet? Watch this video to get started.)) In addition, we’re happy to announce that today your reports will support fellow drivers on an even larger scale. Not only will we continue to outsmart traffic and keep citizens updated via the Waze app and broadcast partners, but Waze real time incident reports will appear on the Google Maps for Android, iPad and iPhone. For more information, see the Google Lat/Long blog.
Incident reports within Google Maps will not include Wazer profile information, but contributors will still earn points on the Waze side.
We’re excited to continue to showcase the hard work of contributors like you, so, thanks!

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