Waze Champs Meetup at Waze HQ

Over the past couple of years, we here at Waze have both arranged and attended community meetups all across the globe - in France, the USSlovakia, and the Czech Republic just to name just a few. Typically organized by some of our 110,000+ map editors, these events are incredibly important to us as they provide direct feedback and help shape our product road map. Plus, our community members are really awesome! ;)
This year however we wanted to do something different. Something special and extraordinary. Then it dawned on us. Why not invite the top Wazers and map editors from all over the world for an up close and personal visit to our HQ this year? And so it was.
Invitations were sent out and there was excitement in the air:
All in all 42 of the top Wazers in the world arrived for the meetup. Combined, this influential group of Waze "champs" have amassed over 21 million map edits and are instrumental leaders in the Waze community. 
The meetup itself involved a visit to Waze HQ and many talks given by several key members of the Waze team on topics ranging from community, product, ETA logic, infrastructure, and of course, the map editor. All topics were followed by Q & A sessions. 
There were also opportunities for fun as the Waze champs and staff went sightseeing ate at some nice restaurants, and of course sang some hardcore karaoke!
All in all it was a great weekend consisting of both work and fun. We had a great time and we have a feeling that they enjoyed themselves as well. 
Until the next meetup!
Complete list of Wazers who participated in the meetup: AlanOfTheBerg, antigerme, anto64, arbaot, argus-cronos, asterix06, azrco, banished, bgodette, Brshk1, calandraca, CBenson, Dave2084, deeggo
dmcconachie, faitaru, fvwazing, gettingthere, GizmoGuy411, GPSRitter, guri211, Instigater, jondrush, kentsmith9, kpouer, leocylau, levin, lopaolo69, maantje76, meb001, Michelozzo, orenfl
pulsarxp, robindlc ,scarlogarcia, shmupi, slicer, spookyx, steveningelbrecht, top_gun_de, WeeeZer14, zsezo


  1. As always, yall are stinkin cool.

  2. It was great! Can't wait for the next meetup to see you all again! But first a local meetup for the Benelux community :)