Waze Your Way to Free Eminem Tickets

We all have our favorite songs to crank in the car, and lately we’re hearing more and more of Eminem’s new single, Berzerk, blasting from Wazer’s windows. (Did you find the download hidden in the Waze app last month?)
Now, Waze and Interscope Records have teamed up to give away the ultimate experience for Slim Shady fans - an all-expenses paid* trip to a secret Eminem show.
Here’s how it works:
- Download the app at http://www.waze.com
- Keep an eye out for Eminem’s Shady and Gold Shady pins marked with Shady’s backwards “E” - Spot the pin while driving? Click on the pin and save the sweeps URL to My Offers - Are you a passenger? Click on the pin and click the URL to go to the entry page
Shady (white) pins lead Wazers to an entry form to win one of 100 Beats by Dre Pill portable speakers. 
Gold Shady pins are the gateway to enter to win tickets for you and a friend to fly to Em’s show in a secret location, including two nights’ hotel stay and transportation to the concert.
We’ll only post a few gold pins each day across the U.S., so get drivin’!


  1. Damn, I saw this last week and didn't know what it was and didn't click on it :( I'm watching for it now :)

  2. Spot the pin while driving? Should people be looking at the app while driving? They're putting lives in danger.

  3. "across the U.S."... damn, I was hoping to find some in Canada!

  4. Oh, only U.S., no Chance for me in Germany, damn. Wishing all the best for the lucky ones ;-).