Waze Ready to Help Drivers Get Around NYC Marathon

After a one year hurricane-induced hiatus, The New York City Marathon is scheduled to return to the limelight this weekend. Starting at the Verrazano Bridge in Staten Island, this 26.2 mile marathon courses through the five boroughs of New York City and is expected to attract about 50,000 runners into the streets. Of course, this means many major streets and bridges will be closed throughout the city, potentially causing big traffic jams and frustration to drivers.    
Luckily, our community of Wazers have updated New York City's maps in preparation for the race this Sunday morning. You can see all the closures and live traffic reports here. So if you live in NYC, be sure to use Waze this weekend so that you can be routed around all closures in the city and get to your destination as quickly as possible!   


  1. Coolt is this possible to do when we have other races in other towns?!?!?

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