Communities in Philippines, Indonesia, Italy and the US Come Together in Times of Crisis

A little while back, we wrote about our efforts in the Philippines in response to Typhoon Haiyan which affected over 9.7 million people. At the time of crisis, we added pins showing emergency evacuation points and also allowed Wazers to find the closest rescue point to them by simply typing "help" in the navigation box.     
This past month, Mother Nature showed her force again, first bringing torrential rains and excessive flooding to Indonesia and Italy and then storm Leon to Southern Us. Immediately, the Waze community leaped into action and updated the maps to help reroute drivers around flooded and unsafe roads.
All this information was accessible both in the app and on our traffic center so that anyone in Italy or Indonesia and Southern US could stay safe and on top of real-time conditions.
All in all, these efforts combined to help hundreds of thousands of Wazers to stay safe and keep away from dangerous roads.
If a crisis strikes your area, or if you know about any upcoming major events in your city, please help us out by filling this out this quick form

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  1. Great idea for a great service. Can you provide instruction as how to get to this form and even integrate it into the app 's?