Introducing #Passengerpic!

Driving with Waze helps you find the best route every time you hit the road. This often means taking the road less traveled – a secret path, passageway, or even a scenic route can easily override a congested highway! All these can result in interesting, fun, unexpected moments. While drivers remain focused on the road, passengers have the best view; whether it’s beautiful scenery or funny encounters on the go.
Photo credit to @adamcohen @yoavush
We call on you, our fellow passengers (sorry drivers, this one’s not for you) to send us your best pictures from the road. From January 20 - February 3rd, the most creative photos we receive will be reposted on our social channels and also featured in a stunning video compilation – showing the world through your eyes, our Waze community!
(Photo credits to @yoavush, @adamcohen @themaxk @pagoots)
To participate, simply:
  1. Follow @Waze on Instagram.
  2. Capture a great moment from the road and post it to Instagram.
  3. Be sure to include @waze and the hashtag #passengerpic in your caption.
  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. Must have an Instagram account
  3. Participants can submit unlimited posts 
  4. All images must be taken by participant
Republishing Rights:
  1. Any post between Jan 20 to Feb 3rd with @waze and #passengerpic will be considered as submission of content to the campaign  
  2. By submitting photos with the use of @waze and the hashtag #passengerpic, you agree and hereby grant Waze permission to use, copy, modify and make available your submissions to the public (with attribution to you) for any purpose, such as, but not limited to, press and media communications including any of Waze’s social channels.
  1. Offensive posts including but not limited to images as well as comments on posts
  2. Dangerous driving - Any pic taken by a driver while driving will be disqualified immediately.

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