Waze Celebrates Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year to all you Wazers celebrating! In the spirit of the occasion, we've added some special stuff this year just for you! 
Road Goodies!
That's right! From January 28 until Feb 8, Wazers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore have the chance to rack up big points by chowing down on some awesome road treats! 
On the map you'll find: 
Fans - worth 2 points
Lanterns  - worth 3 points
Horses - worth 5 points
To "munch" a road goody, just drive over the road goody icon while using Waze. 
Of course if you'd rather not see the goodies, you can always turn them off by going to Settings > Display Settings > Show On Map > Road Goodies Off. 
We've also added an awesome ETA screen to get you in the mood to celebrate! 
We hope everyone has a wonderful celebration. Now what are you waiting for? Get munching! 


  1. Thanks Waze team, Happy Chinese New Year (CNY) to everyone! I believe CNY is not just ceremoniously celebrated in these countries as a public holiday but in other countries as well http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_New_Year

  2. Hey, there are lots more folks celebrating Chinese New Year outside of those countries! Open this up!