5 Waze to Express your Love on Valentine's Day.

Love and commuting go hand and hand, right?! Ok, maybe not. Until now that is! Behold 5 Waze to express your love on Valentine's Day:            1. Set your Waze mood to "in love":  
Are you in love and want to tell the world? This mood has got you covered. Plus you'll be contributing to the vibe of the day. Imagine seeing your Waze map full of Wazers in love! We're melting at the thought! 
2.  Hint at a surprise and share your drive:
Tell your honey that you'll be home with a surprise (you did get a gift, right?) and then share your drive to enhance the suspense as they watch you Waze home in real time.  
3. Enjoy the Valentine's Day ETA screen together: 
Feeling the love yet?! If not you can always...
4. Send your Sweetheart a "beep beep": 
Is your valentine also a Wazer? Send a "beep beep"  to show that they're on your mind, even while you're in the car. You can send "beep beeps" to both online and offline Wazers!  
5. Send poetry:
Nothing says romance like rhyme and verse. Poetry not your forté? Don't fret! Go ahead and share this can't-miss poem with your loved ones. 
Happy Valentine's day Wazers! 

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