Driver in Atlanta Saves Himself from 16 Hours of Traffic by Using Waze

Two drivers left work at the same time. One got home at 7pm while the other didn't get home until 11 am the next day. How did this happen?
On January 29th a Wazer in the ATL area left this message on the Facebook wall of FOX5 ATL 
Winter Storm Leon caught many drivers in the US off guard. Thankfully the Waze community was there to close roads and help each other out on the road. 
And in the end, the first driver who used Waze got home 16 hrs(!) earlier than the second driver who wasn't using Waze. That is just crazy. 
We often see #WazeWins where drivers save time on their commutes but this has to be some kind of a record. Thanks to our great community in Atlanta for helping make the best of a snowy situation. 

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