Goodies for Winter Events!

The calendar may say February, but with big winter festivities on the horizon, things are heating up at Waze! And when things heat up, we like to celebrate...ROAD GOODIES STYLE. From Feb 7- Feb 21 Wazers in Europe will have the chance to rack up big points by chowing down on some special goodies for the season. On the Waze map you will find: Winter hats- worth 2 points
Snowflakes - worth 3 points
Ice skates (the most elusive) - worth a commensurate 5 points
To "munch" a road goody, just drive over the road goody icon while using Waze. Of course if you'd rather not see the goodies, you can always turn them off by going to Settings > Display Settings > Show On Map > Road Goodies Off.  Italian Carnavale If you are lucky enough to be in Italy for their Carnavale celebration, then we have a special treat just for you!  As if the parades, parties, and costumes weren't enough, we're sending a special (and exclusive) batch of road goodies your way! On the map you'll find:   Hats - worth 2 points Drums - worth 3 points  Masks - worth a big 5 points   With all these road goodies on the road, now's your big chance to rack up some big points and move closer to #Wazeroyalty. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start munching!  

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