Jamzilla is on the Way - Get Ready LA Wazers

For the third time in four years, one of the most important highways in Los Angeles - the 405 - is set to be closed for repairs. Whether it's being called Carmageddon or Jamizilla, the impact of a major highway closure in an already traffic congested city is an event arguably worthy of the apocalyptic nicknames it has received in the past couple of years. 

If getting stuck in epic traffic is not your cup of tea then keep reading. The closures are slated to take place over President's Day weekend from Feb 14 - Feb 18 but fear not LA folks, Waze (in partnership with ABC7) is on the case. And the good news is that we've successfully fought Carmageddon before!

This time we're taking things to a whole new level. The Waze community has updated Waze's maps with all expected 405 closures and the times they are slated to take effect. Whereas other apps might not even recognize the 405 as non-operational, Waze will have optimal, up-to-the-minute traffic and routing information that takes into consideration which roads are closed and when. Wazers can also plan ahead by checking into our event center to see real-time traffic updates and which roads are expected to be closed at what times. 

Jamzilla may sound intimidating but we think our booming community of LA Wazers are ready and up for the task. Bring it on Jamzilla


  1. Is this operational in other cities as well? Today Fort Myers, FL is having a huge parade and there will be lots of roads closed.

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