Waze Tips: Waze learns your favorite destinations

Ever see this pop up on Waze?
As you can see (and may have noticed), the more you use Waze, the better it gets to know you over time.
How does this happen? When you navigate to any location in your 'Favorites,' Waze learns your driving routine and delivers a more personalized experience.
Whether you're commuting from home and work, or doing your weekly grocery run, Waze may just greet you with a friendly message that contains your likely destination. Simply tap 'Yes' and drive.
For your privacy, only locations saved to favorites will be used to predict future destinations. To add locations, tap 'Favorites' at the bottom of your 'Navigate' screen.


  1. I have definitely noticed; it not only will ask if I'm headed "Home", but a few other destinations that I frequently go to.

  2. This "feature" is horrible. It overrides destinations, and if you don't catch it, it will take you to the wrong place.

    And there is no way to disable this. There used to be the option to turn it off, but now you are forced to deal with Waze thinking that it knows better than you what you want to do.

  3. HATE this feature. Actually, I only hate that you removed the ability to turn it off... As somebody who uses a mounted iPad with waze all the time, it drives me nuts. I want to see traffic reports, road conditions, police reports, accidents, etc. and NOT have it try and autoroute me every time I get in the car. Plus, the logic is a bit dumb. If pull out of my garage (alley) Waze brilliantly tries to route me to my home address front door. Thanks Waze! How could I figure that out without you?

  4. How about giving users the option of turning this off again? Most people do not need to be asked if they are going home or to work every day.

  5. Did y'all actually think this "feature" through? If I travel a route frequently then isn't it likely that I know the route and don't need waze to auto-start the navigation which constantly interrupts whatever I'm listening to to tell me things I already know? This is currently the most annoying thing about using waze.