Hollywood's Big Night: Our Favorite Celebrity Fans

Over the past year, we've realized that some fantastic actors and actresses are avid Wazers. So, in honor of tonight's big awards ceremony, we thought we'd give a shout-out to some famous people who might be using Waze to get to the red carpet this weekend. Without further ado: 

1. Christina Applegate

We have been watching Christina for years and we're big fans of her work. We were giddy to see that Waze is one of her two favorite apps! 

2. Nathan Fillion 

Nathan Fillion has developed a big cult following. We'd like to thank him for his shout out where he proclaimed us as a "best app". 

3. Dave Finkel and Jake Johnson 

The community in LA managed to save Dave Finkel 20 minutes in traffic. It looks like Jake Johnson was kinda impressed.

4. Ben Affleck 

Ben listed his top 10 apps here. Waze came at number 3. Thank you Mr. Affleck!  

5. Wil Wheaton 

Another fantastic actor, Wil was in the know about the PCH closure in LA earlier this year. In true Wazer form, he gave a heads up to Alyssa Milano.  

6. Baron Vaughn 

This Baron is Waze royalty! Look out LA!

7. Rainn Wilson 

Beets, bears and Waze! Funny man, Rainn Wilson, just discovered Waze this year. The spelling may have been a little off but he did correct himself later. Welcome aboard Rainn!   

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