The Wonderful Women of Waze

With International Women's Day around the corner, we thought we'd highlight some very impressive women from both the Waze team and community who undoubtably help make Waze the great product it is today. 
The Waze Team
Last year on International Women's day, it was reported that globally, 24% of senior management positions are now filled by women. Proudly, we can boast that 29% of our senior management team consists of women. Below are some examples of women who've made a big splash at Waze and been instrumental in its success. 
Yael Elish, VP of Product and Marketing at Waze, is an entrepreneur with 15 years of hands-on experience with consumer Internet start-ups. While at Waze, Yael has meticulously molded the product to provide users with an optimal experience while working hard on marketing the app to the masses. Prior to joining Waze Yael served as CEO of eSnips, a 2.0 web service that quickly became one of the 300 most visited websites on the Internet!  
Di-Ann Eisnor, is a neogeography pioneer and also our VP of Partnerships and Platform. If you're into technology and maps, there's a pretty good chance you've seen her giving a presentation somewhere around the world. In addition to being active in a few non-profits, her entrepreneurial passions lie with community development, urban exploration, community cartography and social mapping - in fact, she believes social mapping to be a critical tool for cultural diplomacy. 
Julie Mossler is our senior director of communications at Waze. A story teller and friend to the media, Julie has been an integral part of telling the Waze story to an audience far and wide. Prior to working at Waze, she was the first PR hire at Groupon and helped build and scale the department globally through its IPO. Named as one of the Top 50 Tech PR People in 2013 by Business Insider, Julie is a native Chicagoan and at 'home' whenever her suitcase is close by. 
Shirli Lior is our community team leader. A long-time member of the Waze team, Shirli endures to constantly strengthen the relationship between Waze and its ever-growing user base. Between planning new initiatives, organizing meetups and being in constant communication with Wazers, Shirli always has her finger on the pulse when it comes to community. When not in the office, Shirli can be found hanging out with her husband Asaf and cat Yogi.  Map editors
In addition to the team above, it's worth noting some extremely active female members of our vibrant community. 
Hailing from Spain, Calandraca is a global Waze champ who is a leader in the Spanish community and an authority on Waze map editing. With her level 6 editing rank, she has piled up a whopping 6 million points and nearly 2 million map edits. She is one of a few beta testers for our map editor and is currently in 2nd place overall on the Waze scoreboard
Despite joining Waze less than three years ago, Miole67 has already become a Global Waze Champ. Hailing from Italy, Miole67 is a level 5 map editor who has racked up over 200 thousand map edits and nearly a million points.  A leader in the Italian community, Miole67 takes pride in making sure Italy's roads are properly mapped and devotes significant time to mentoring young and inexperienced map editors. 


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