User Story: Couple Meets and Goes Road Goodie Hunting Together

You never know where you'll meet that special someone. As it turns out, this can even happen while outsmarting traffic with Waze. 
Recently we heard a great story about a couple of Wazers who met around Christmas. They decided to go out and hunt road goodies on their first date, and the rest was history. 
We understand the couple is still together and looking forward to our next batch of goodies. 
And this isn't the first time we've heard about this trend. Apparently some established couples hunt road goodies on their date nights too!
All this goes to show that Waze doesn't just save drivers time on the road, but also brings people together too. We didn't expect road goodies to have such an effect, but we're thrilled that they do!
So what do you think Wazers? Would you ever go road goodie hunting with your significant other? 


  1. Love your app - great fun & useful too. I have a suggestion. 

    Would love to be able to recognize other Waze users. Could you makeup some antenna toppers that look like your little white blob-on-wheels icon? Include it with an app registration or just put a sales link in the free app & sell them individually - I'd certainly pay $5 at least (or more even). Would help build your community, you could charge it off on your advertising deductions and it would be REALLY fun to have it to identify other Waze users.

    Waze could become a cellphone version of CB Radio with the right promotion. And I've got more ideas if you're interested :)

    Anyone else want a Waze antenna topper??

  2. What are road goodies? Sounds fun!