Waze Partners with Subaru to Ensure Safe Driving

When it comes to driving, nothing is as important as safety.  We are always looking for ways to promote safe driving as we have this past St. Patrick's Day. Unfortunately accidents still occur every day. The National Highway Traffic Safety Admission estimates that just over 24,000 motor vehicle traffic fatalities occurred over the first nine months of 2013 alone. In order to help remind Wazers to drive safely, you might see one of these notifications pop on Waze while you're stopped. These updates highlight Subaru's EyeSight® technology, which can improve safety on the road. 
Consider these notifications a friendly reminder from us, and the good folks at Subaru, that it's important to drive safely on the road - regardless of good or bad weather conditions. 
Stay safe out there Wazers!


  1. This is more of an attempt to deepen the cash in your pockets through advertising. Are those Subaru dealerships pinned on the map? And a slide-out that does nothing but advertise Subaru features not relevant to actual safe driving tips (they don't help me if I'm not driving a Subaru)?

    Nice try but looks like advertising to me, and it's getting worse with each Waze blog post.

  2. I was wondering why these Subaru ad's was coming up on my screen, now I know