Marathons Galore: Waze to the Rescue!

Ah Spring! The snow is melting, the birds are singing and runners are gearing up for marathons across the globe!
And while running through the streets is great fun for the athletes involved (and those cheering from the side), these races can cause long detours and big traffic jams for drivers. This weekend big marathons will be taking place in Los Angeles (Hollywood Half Marathon), Paris (Paris Marathon 2014), and Milan (Milan Marathon), potentially affecting millions of drivers. Luckily the Waze community has updated its maps to reflect road closures slated for the events. Traffic and hazards will continue to be updated by the community as they unfold in real time. As always, if you know of any big events in your city that are likely to disrupt traffic, please let us know about them here. We're sure our community will do its best to help! And if you don't have Waze yet, you can get it here!

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