Unprecedented Floods Hit Bosnia and Serbia. Community Rallies to Help

This past weekend unprecedented rains across the Balkans caused historic flooding in Bosnia Herzegovina and Serbia. The flooding has been described as the worst floods to hit the area in more than a century and has already caused tens of thousands of people to be evacuated. Landslides and the possibility of buried landmines has made relief efforts even more difficult. In an effort to assist in any way possible, our Serbian community mobilized and created a list of emergency evacuation points as well as a list of roads no longer accessible due to flooding. Using these lists, we have added emergency pins to our maps, each containing an evacuation point's distance, address and phone number.
Anyone using Waze in Serbia can locate their closest point of rescue by typing "help" in the navigation box. We've also closed off all roads that are no longer accessible due to the Serbian floods which can be seen on our events page. We hope these efforts will be successful in providing some form of assistance to relief workers and those affected by the floods. If there are any other ways we can help, please let us know in the comments below. UPDATE: If you'd like to personally donate relief, you can do so here

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