Announcing The Waze Soccer Face Off!

Wazers and soccer/football/fútbol fans rejoice! With the big soccer championship just over a week away, we want to help you get into the spirit of the games. So get out your smartphones and fire up Waze because the next couple of weeks are going to be awesome: Introducing the Waze Soccer Face Off!

Show Your Support with Teams

Between June 3rd and July 13th, Wazers all over the globe (on iPhone, and Android) will be able show their loyalty and support for their favorite team by joining that team on Waze.
Here's how it works. When joining a team, your Wazer will also display the team's badge for everyone else to see.
Teams can be selected by going to Menu (left button) > My Waze >  Teams > Soccer Teams. From there, any team on the list can be joined.
You can leave a team and join another one if you wish, but only one team can be joined at a time.
After joining a team, you will receive notifications whenever your team is playing in real-world games. Another perk of joining a team is....

Road Goodies! (Nom Nom Nom)

What fun would a Soccer Face Off be without road goodies!? To celebrate, we've added road goodies to the map - with a special and sporty twist... As usual, Wazers will be able to drive over (or "munch") road goodies, with each goody being worth 3 points.
This time though, all the points you munch will also be added to the team you joined (provided you joined a team). Teams consisting of Wazers will then compete against each other in an epic battle, team against team, to see who will come out on top with all the glory! Oh, and did we mention that joining a team causes EVEN MORE road goodies to appear on the map? Of course, if you're the kind of Wazer who'd prefer to not see goodies, you can always turn them off through Settings > Display Settings > Show on Map > Road Goodies Off.

Check your team's standings

We've even prepared this special site to help you keep track of everything related to The Waze Soccer Face Off. You can check-in daily to see if you are out-munching the competition and to see how your team is doing in the overall rankings.

Celebrity Voice Prompts

A special treat for you Wazers who like your voice prompts in Spanish or Portuguese. For a limited time, we've added the voices of some legendary football commentators to guide you on your Waze. Until July 20, you can select voice prompts from Renata Fan, Silvio Luiz, Raúl Orvañanos, Memo Schutz & Antonio Casale. How's that for getting into the spirit of the games? To change the voice go to Settings > Sound > Navigation guidanceWith team badges, road goodies, voice prompts and a friendly (yet epic) competition for ultimate bragging rights, we hope that you Wazers are as excited about the next few weeks as we are. So what are you waiting for? Go join your favorite team and get munching!

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