Pride Events Galore: Waze's Maps Are Updated to Reflect Road Closures

With summer finally here, cities all over the world are set to open up their streets to festivals, parades and events of all kinds. While these ephemeral events are often loads of fun for those attending, the road closures they cause tend to be a traffic nightmare for drivers simply trying to get from point A to point B. June is 'LGBT Pride month' worldwide and this weekend marks 8 (!) different Pride events in cities all over the world. With celebrations scheduled for San Francisco, New York City, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, London, Paris and Toronto, millions of people are expected to take the streets and millions of drivers are sure to be affected. Thankfully, our fantastic community in each of these cities has edited Waze's dynamic maps to reflect the temporary road closures that will be taking place due to the festivities. This means drivers will be able to get optimal routes to their destination without having to worry about being routed through a main street that is temporarily closed off. Whether you're celebrating this weekend or just trying to drive through town, we hope these map updates by our community will help make the experience a tad bit smoother. And if you're aware of any big events that might cause traffic problems in your town, please let us know about them here. We're always looking to lend a helping hand.

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